​Foodie Rant #1 My husband wants to become vegan

​Foodie Rant #1 My husband wants to become vegan

Foodie Rant #1
My husband wants to become vegan

I’m about to start doing something on my blog that I usually don’t do; rant.

I’m stressed; I mean bake cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing from scratch and not eat any stressed. I love cooking and writing so when I get stressed; I tend to self-medicate in that manner.

My husband is working my nerves; bad. Sure his intentions are pure; yes he loves me and wants the best for me blah blah blah. When you come between me and my food, I get full of attitude real quick.

He wants us to go vegan! Not only him but all of us; the kids included. Oh, my goodness. I can think of so many reasons why I don’t want to go vegan. Cheese, bacon, corned beef just to name a few. But then again, I can name many reasons why we should. I mean it’s healthy, it’s healthy, and it’s healthy. I’m anaphylactic and was recently diagnosed with asthma, in addition to some other health issues that I have going on; he’s been on a mission since then to fix me.

After I disregarded, ignored, and straight denied his wishes, I thought about it. As much as I hated to admit it, I knew he was right. I know that a poor diet is a gateway to many health issues. I don’t have bad eating habits per se, but there’s room for improvement; even little improvements can make a big difference in your health.

I felt terrible about how I treated him, I apologized and suggested a neutral approach; the pescatarian diet. That way we can get the benefits of eating vegetarian plant-based meals, but still enjoy seafood.

The truth is, I don’t fancy meat that much anyway. I’d rather eat veggies. It’s just a few types of meat I don’t want to give up. When I was younger I loved tomatoes so much; my daddy would give me a sliced tomato as a snack after school. I’ve gone weeks without meat just because I wanted to. So a pescatarian diet in comparison to a vegan diet isn’t too big of a stretch for me. I can do this. Plus I think it’s healthier for the kids (One of my children loves veggies like me, the other three have to be held down and force fed before they’d eat vegetables).

I sat down and sincerely apologized to my husband for my closed-minded behavior. Then he responds with, “I knew you would come around. I just had to give you time.” Isn’t that something? I’m all stressed about the thought of never eating bacon again, while he had it figured out. Oh well. *Shrugs shoulders.*